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Christiana Otterson, DVM
Christiana Otterson, DVM

Medical Director

Dr. Christiana Otterson received her DVM from Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine (2019), having previously graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Animal Science (2014). Dr. Otterson became a veterinarian not only because she loves pets, but she believes they need an advocate too, just as in human health. Dr. Otterson strives to be an expert advocate for her patients and educating her clients to improve the overall health and wellness of their pets.

Her specific areas of interests are managing cushing’s disease, diabetes, and dermatology because she loves seeing her patients improve with the customized treatment plans she is able to create.

Outside of treating patients, she enjoys attending concerts, reading, and getting outside for a leisurely hike or bike ride. Dr. Otterson has a cat named Bronson (named after the show Broad City) and a Kenyan Sand Boa named Chai.

Fun fact about Dr. Otterson, she has an identical twin sister who is also a veterinarian!